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Etosha Nationalpark

A visit to the Etosha National Parks most definitely counts as one of the highlights when travelling through Namibia. The park covers an area of 22.000 km² and has been declared a game reserve in 1907 already. The park is dominated by an extensive salt pan in the centre, surrounded by grass and bush savannah and Mopani bush land in the west and dry woods in the northeast. About 2 million years ago there used to be a great lake fed by the Kunene River. Later with the course of the river changing the lake slowly dried out.

Apart from good rainy seasons the pan is mostly dry. Numerous natural and artificial water holes offer a livelihood to Etosha’s wildlife population. Almost the whole range of African big game can be found in the park as well as four of the so-called “Big Five” including elephant, leopard, lion and rhino. Mostly well maintained gravel roads lead to the water holes, the best spots to view game.

The main entrance gate to the park is the "Andersson Gate" close to Okaukuejo, seat of the park administration office. The "Von Lindequist Gate" close to Namutoni Restcamp is found in the east of the park. The "Nehalelya Mpingana Gate" (King Nehale Gate) is situated at the north eastern park border and is mainly used for safaris into the former Ovamboland. Only guests with bookings at the Dolomite Camp and tour guides with special permission are allowed to travel through the western gate at Otjovasando.

Namibia Wildlife Resort runs five accommodation facilities within the park namely: Okaukuejo, Halali, Namutoni, Dolomite & Onkoshi Camp, of which the first three have a flood-lit waterhole, restaurants, a shop and a souvenir shop.

A variety of private lodges and camps are found outside the park.

On the Namutoni side: Mokuti Lodge, Onguma Camps, Mushara Collection, Emanya Etosha Lodge and Sachsenheim Guestfarm.
On the Okaukaujo side: Ongava Lodge, Epacha Lodges, Etosha Safari Lodge & Camp, Taleni Etosha Village, Toshari Camp, Etosha Mountain Camp and further private guest farms.